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This site was born out of real life experiences.

This site was born out of a real need to know law, not only to protect ourselves from a locally corrupt judicial system, but to bootstrap ourselves into learning law out of a need to protect ourselves from {some} of the lawyers that we hired.
You will read about many experiences on this page, from many people. Some wish to be known, others wish to remain anonymous.

Law and all things legal can be very intimidating - especially if you are a law abiding citizen and have no experience at the inner workings of the court. What makes a bad experience even worse is having a local agency government that is renegade with no one to corral them in, iced with a county court system bent on keeping justice in the county system, even when they are wrong. Justice for you - "mobster" style.

This blog/informational website is about our journey. A journey of purchasing an old, battered, former church building, and breathing new life into it. Unfortunately, this former historic, house of worship is being held hostage at the hands of the local agency and county government.

This is also an organic website. It will grow as we see fit. Others may share their experiences. We hope they will. We hope it helps. We hope it helps you understand how even local elections affect your daily life and future. We are not responsible, nor do we censor any speech. Your speech - which is a reflection of your character - is owned by no one but you. There is no other voice in the world quite like yours. Make it a thoughtful, well prepared reflection of your soul.


We do maintain web stats and IP addresses. We also cut through most VPNS, so if that kind of thing bothers you, do not use this site. You are traceable. Fair Warning.

Trust us - there is a lot to be said - and shown. Follow us on our now five year journey to take a blighted worship building to beauty for the purpose of opening a dream - a handmade soap shop!

Put your seat belts on, it will be one. WILD. ride!

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