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Judge and Gavel

Abuse Of Power

Apollo Borough Council

This tab will lead to Apollo Borough and their premeditated harassment, abuse of power, and chicanery.

Sad Portrait

Kathleen Marie Charlton, DA

This tab will lead to manipulation, laziness, bad law, bad judgment, abuse of discretion, and a mess of a personal life that spills into your life, "New-Ken" mobster style.

Image by Nsey Benajah

Apollo Borough Police/ PSP

Most law enforcement are law abiding, concerned citizens. This tab will be about the AB police and at least two members that need to be in jail. Orange is the new police uniform for you! It will aslo include members of the Pennsylvania State Police.

Image by Ava Sol

Judge Chase McClister

This tab will lead to a plethora of discretion and abuse, due process violations, and bad law.

Rodeo Clown

Scott Andreassi, ?

This tab will lead to  - ugh - a huge MESS!! With a twenty year career, plea-bargain Scotti knows law one way - and it shows. Destroying lives and denying Constitutional rights over the years to thousands!

Image by Giorgio Trovato

Zoning & Uniform Construction Code

Never shall the twain meet - but when collusion meets jealousy - wrapped in ego - you get a five year battle to open a business. I'll stop there.

Image by Tom Blackout
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